by Eve Decker, Ben Decker, Marc Polonsky, Raz Kennedy
Talking to a friend of mine
Told him what was on my mind
I’d seen him act with disregard
For someone who was hurting hard
I think I gave us both a scare
Didn’t want to be unfair
But when I know that something’s wrong
I can’t keep it down for long
I gotta tell the truth
Even when it’s hard to say
Don’t want to lose a friend
But can’t pretend it’s all okay
I know I have to tell the truth
And do it in a caring way
Went into silence seeking peace
But truth’s the key to my release
Though truth can feel shameful
Acceptance is transformational
I gotta face the truth
Even when it’s hard to do
Things in me I hate to see
Show me what I need to move through
I know I have to face the truth
If I want to be free
I told myself I needed more laughter
And that was a fine thing to say
I told my friend I couldn’t laugh with her
And our friendship ended that way
Truth can arise as it may inside
But harsh honesty toward others can be cold
as a lie
Sometimes I wake up confused
I really don’t know where to start
I know I want to help the world
But I can hardly soothe my heart
I gotta seek the truth
Even when it’s hard to find
There has to be a way to live
That’s strong, responsible, and kind
With so much trouble in our sight
How can we choose a path that’s right?
I have to listen closely how
To find what’s most important now
I have to tell the truth
Have to face the truth
 I have to seek the truth
And this is my vow.