Women’s Bodies

By Eve Decker
A piece of the history of Western civilization
It that women were permanent children under the law
You went from your father to your husband
And you had no rights at all
Does it strike you as connected to this piece of our past
That the women of today we hold up as ‘ideal’
Are without exception small, slender and youthful
No room for variation, no room to heal
Don’t teach me to hate my body
I’m a woman, I’ve been around a while
Don’t teach me to hate my body
I have a woman’s body, not a child’s
I stopped watching television, and looking at magazines
But I still feel oppressed by our culture’s expectations of me
Don’t put me on a metal scale and tell me I’m not small enough
With furrowed brow you imply that if I’m not small I won’t be loved
Let’s look at the roots of this sickly tree
We’re living in the branches of 5,000 years of patriarchy
Don’t let it hypnotize you, remove yourself from the scene
Your body’s beautiful, the problem is the context we’ve been in
To be independent, strong, or big threatens the status quo
It’s only been 100 years since women had the vote
The laws have changed, misogyny went underground
Anytime you hate your body, society’s doing just fine keeping you down
I will love my body, I’m a woman
I’ve been around a while
I will love my body
I have a woman’s body, not a child’s
We can love our bodies, we are women
We’ve been around a while
We can love our bodies
We have women’s bodies, we are not children
We have women’s bodies and we are beautiful just the way we are


©Eve Decker