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Fourth Song on IN: Chants of Mindfulness and Compassion – My Grateful Heart

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My Grateful Heart The fourth song on the new CD, “IN: Chants of Mindfulness and Compassion”, is called My Grateful Heart. It was written by Laura Fannon, a member of the Threshold Choir (groups of mostly women who sing at the bedsides of the dying). The words go like this: My grateful heart, so filled with years of living Memories flow by me, like petals on a stream My grateful heart, forgives so many sorrows Brings peace that lasts forever Illuminates the dream   Dr. Fred Luskin, founder of the…read more


Self Compassion

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Hi from Eve! This blog post is on the topic of self compassion – a conscious practice that can really change how we relate to our own pain, and bring a lot of peace. How can self compassion help us? The literal translation from Latin of the word compassion is ‘to suffer with’. I understand this to mean that when we are in a place of compassion, we have the courage to stay present with suffering (rather than deny it, minimize it, or avoid it). There is an inherent kindness…read more