First song on the Chant CD: Pali Metta (Lovingkindness)

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First song on IN: Chants of Mindfulness and Compassion: Pali Metta Chant

This chant is written in Pali, the language that was spoken in north India at the time the Buddha was alive. Pali is not spoken by regular folks anymore, but the language has been kept alive by Buddhist monastics.

Sabe Sata Sukhi Hontu translates to “May all beings be happy”. Buddhists have been chanting this simple phrase for more than 2,500 years.

To me, this chant is a wonderful, wonderful practice in intention. It sets a direction for our hearts and for our actions. Sensing into and growing a longing that all beings know happiness, it gives perspective to our experiences and our choices – if I wish for all beings to be happy, what would I do now? What would I say? How would I act?

It is really important to remember that “all beings” includes ourselves! We too are part of this enormous group! It is so important that we don’t forget ourselves, and our own well being. If we do, sacrificing our own needs in order to try to serve others, we become codependent and are on a track for burn out and resentment. We have a powerful responsibility for self care – when we are taking good care of ourselves, others don’t have to worry about us as much! And our well being gives us a deep source of strength and resilience for assisting and inspiring others. So, keep yourself in mind as you wish for all beings to be happy!

From this wish, sabe sata sukhi hontu, many beautiful actions can be born. We begin to see that we need resources for ourselves and to offer others in the walking towards this intention. When we learn and practice mindfulness, training the mind to investigate deeply the present moment, we have developed a powerful ally for calming down and offering clarity and kindness to ourselves and those around us. When we develop lovingkindness, compassion, and gratitude, we increase our capacity to love.

Motivated by the heart’s longing that all beings everywhere be happy, we begin our journey. Patience is a given on this path. Yet we continue moving forward.

Eve Decker

Saturday September 26, 2015
8PM (Berkeley, CA)

Join Eve Decker, Julie Wolf, Kent Welsh, Ben Decker and other special guests
Celebrating the Release of Eve’s New CD, IN: Chants of Mindfulness and Compassion

Click here to purchase tickets ($21 adv./$23 at door)

With Special Guests!
Vocal Activist Melanie DeMore
Spirit Rock teacher Donald Rothberg
Buddhist teacher and performer Nina Wise
Musician and Activist Betsy Rose
Members of the Threshold Choir (choirs of women who sing at the bedsides of the dying)

“Eve’s songs–the music, the words, and most of all her voice–comfort and embrace.” – Sylvia Boorstein, founding teacher, Spirit Rock Meditation Center

“T O T A L L Y B E A U T I F U L ! ! ! The songs are gorgeous!!!” – Larry Yang, founding teacher, East Bay Meditation Center

“An original musical transmission of the dharma. Deeply moving and transformative. And blessed with Eve’s emotionally transparent voice and exquisite musicians. This is music that heals. I know I will be listening to it daily!” – Jennifer Berezan, singer/songwriter and activist

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