Getting Older

by Eve Decker

I keep getting more grey hair and the lines around my eyes surprise me
Don’t have the energy I once had, a quiet night at home satisfies me.
This good old body is slowing down and having more pain
This good old mind is still having fun running it’s games
These changes could scare me, but why fear the truth
Each day is a miracle, this moment fresh and new
This body reminds me that all things must change
Love and let go, love and let go, is the body’s refrain
I’m getting older, it’s alright , it’s alright , it’s alright
Yeah getting older, it’s alright , it’s alright, it’s alright
You’re getting older too, it’s alright it’s alright, it’s alright
It’s just something bodies do (end: everybody do)
The little children, they change more quickly than I
Right now she is five years old soon she’ll be six, ten, twelve, twenty-five
And the daisy chain goes round and round,
And the petals fall on sacred ground
The children and the day I’ll die, this body and it’s changing tides
Stay awake so I’ll know, be here now for the show
Keep on loving, keep on letting go
©Eve Decker