Given To You

by Eve Decker
I am breathing, I don’t know why
But I know it’s a gift from earth and sky
Every exhale, every in breath
The whole universe telling me ‘yes’
I have this body I travel in
Sweet devoted companion
Warm and spacious mystery
A priceless gift bestowed to me
I cannot tell you why we’re here, so broken and so lost
I do not understand the hate, and daily grieve the cost
But I can say with confidence, because I clearly see
This moment is a miracle given to you and me
​Here’s the sunshine, here’s the breeze
Feet on steps, legs lifting me
Some call it plain, ordinary
Look close to see it’s amazing
Your bed, the grass, the birds, the cat
Your car, your phone, your keys
The bay, the trees, your heart, your knees
Your ears listening to me
This weary mind trying to find
Security in change
Teach it to see the mystery
In what we call mundane
The water from the faucet as it flows into your cup
The universe seizing another chance to love you up
©Eve Decker