by Eve Decker, Lisa Kully, Lisa Zeiler
“It’s like this”
It can be no other way
Everything that came before
Has led us to this moment
“It’s like this”
So open and let go
Bring awareness and acceptance
To this moment as it’s passing
Here I am
Life arising as it will
How can I bend gracefully
With the winds surrounding me
Here I am
Life brings both sorrow and joy
Letting go the fight, the blame
A deep calm infuses me
Stand in the heart of the moment
Inner stability
Return to a place of stillness
Just this much
Seeing clearly in to now
No need for all the stories
Just naming what is present
Just this much
Without reactivity
I don’t have to push, to clutch
I can simply let it be
Stay awake
To indifference, to “don’t care”
You can feel your heart respond
Without getting swept away
Stay awake
The promises are great
Radiance, exalted mind
are the praises Buddha sang


©Eve Decker