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Self Compassion

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Hi from Eve! This blog post is on the topic of self compassion – a conscious practice that can really change how we relate to our own pain, and bring a lot of peace. How can self compassion help us? The literal translation from Latin of the word compassion is ‘to suffer with’. I understand this to mean that when we are in a place of compassion, we have the courage to stay present with suffering (rather than deny it, minimize it, or avoid it). There is an inherent kindness…read more


Importance of Intention in Self Love

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“One who truly cares for themselves could never harm another.” – the Buddha “With our thoughts we make the world” – the Buddha Deciding to love yourself, rather than waiting for it to happen when you have become some marvelous person you hope to be one day, is a key part of well being. Loving yourself as you are now, warts and all. “What?!? “  -shouts the inner critic- “I am not deserving of my own constant love and care. I must be tormented and scolded, or I will sink…read more


Safe Person Tool

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There are many tools we can use to achieve unconditional self love; mindfulness and lovingkindness practices are primary in Buddhist philosophy. I will be posting here about those and many other means I use and teach to move toward inner and outer peace. In this blog entry my topic is ‘safe person’. Please feel welcome to comment about this post and about your own practices to help you with self acceptance. Last night my friend Shahara Godfrey and I taught about compassion and lovingkindess, particularly as they apply to our…read more