C                                                          F
Sometimes it’s just faith and determination that keep me sitting on this chair
                            C                                                  G
Faith this is the path to end suffering and determination to get there
C                                          F
Restlessness and longing, hurting and off track
             C                                                           G                    C    G
In the middle there’s the breathing and the keeping coming back
Listening to wisdom, enduring the body’s pain
Careful investigation of whatever’s happening
Peace is not our birthright, but it’s not a siren’s call
It’s in unwavering dedication to the welfare of us all

F                     C                  G            C
Born out of wanting to be free we continue
F                      C                    G              C
Born out of wanting to be free we proceed
F                        C                 G              C
Born out of wanting to be free we continue
Dm      F
In the lap of daily comforts
And a million things to do
Forgetfulness seems natural
As we’re making our way through
But our lives they are like dewdrops
Resting on a blade of grass
Ask myself what’s most important
In this world where nothing lasts
Am                                            G
The Buddha sat beneath the bodhi tree and said
           Am                                                    G
“Let only my bones remain but I’m not getting up again
Dm                             F
Until I’ve seen all a mind can see
About the cause and cure for suffering”
Old habits keep arising
In those grooves deep in my head
Like a dusty broken record
I’d like a new on in it’s stead
With patience as my guide
I can see the light of day
I’m gonna keep on keeping on, there is no turning away (Chorus 2X)
©Eve Decker